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I’ll be around…

When you feel lonely,IMG_9640

And need a friend to share,

When you are in your blues,

And wanna have a beer..

I’ll be around….

When the days are long,

And the nights are quick,

When work is more,

Six days a week..

I’ll be around….

When the rains are heavy,

And the sky is full of clouds,

When the house is all empty,

And you await a sound..

I’ll be around…

I’ll be around in the times dark & grey,

I’ll keep you in my prayers every time I pray,

I’ll hold you tight and not let you fall,

I’ll make you alright and let no one harm you at all..

The Known Stranger

Is that you?

I can feel it’s you;IMG_9336

But why can’t I see,

Are you too close to me!


I know your touch,

I can feel your breath,

I can sense your smell,

Are you trying to hide!


Every time I feel you,

You become a part of my soul;

Even if I try to escape,

Your shadow plays your role;


These hide and seek,

The cold moments of bleak,

Why don’t we just end the game?

And let us both get rid of the pain!

The Dying Hope…

The Dying Hope…


My body is shivering,

I am cold;

My legs are shaking,

Am scared;

It’s dark out here,

Will I die?


How will He be born,

If I am dead;

Will some God

Forgive my sins?

Will He still be born,

Without me living?


I can’t breathe,

There’s no air;

I can only hear sounds,

Is that His heart beating?

Am I been forgiven?

Will I survive?


Time is ticking,

I can hear the Gods;

He will be born any moment,

My sins might persist;

Still life will see a new Life;

A new day will exist!



The Proposal

That was the last time I saw him,
His old shirt still smelled of smoked cigar,
The sweat drops from his forehead
Reminded me of the long hours of waiting….
He was still the same with his horn-rimmed spectacles….

I remember the time when he was young,
the time when he was at his best,
he was envied by others…
then time changed, people changed, life changed…

I wonder when he proposed me that day..
What made me decline the proposal!
What made me so rude…so stubborn….
He was my best friend…my pal…my partner…
I am married now…but he isn’t…..!

He waited…at least till the last time I saw him…
I can still smell him…feel him…but…
Cannot find him……!
May be he is lost in the crowd…or went somewhere unknown…
Or may be…he’s dead….!!!

That day, that proposal…and us…
Not sure if I made a mistake…
But m sure I wasn’t God…was just another human…
Not sure if I would ever see him…
but m sure the smell of the cigar would linger…
Till m alive…..till I see him again….


The Wish

Tonight you kiss the sky, the leaf

And you will become the Princess…

Tonight you touch the heart, the soul

and it will become Golden…

Tonight you soar, you fly, sky-high

And you will be set Free….

Tonight you make my night

And I will become Thee.


Let dreams build..

And love cheer,

Let the flowers bloom…

And the Gods hear,

Let there be light…

And there will be so,

Let tonight be the night

When I love you more….


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