The Proposal

That was the last time I saw him,
His old shirt still smelled of smoked cigar,
The sweat drops from his forehead
Reminded me of the long hours of waiting….
He was still the same with his horn-rimmed spectacles….

I remember the time when he was young,
the time when he was at his best,
he was envied by others…
then time changed, people changed, life changed…

I wonder when he proposed me that day..
What made me decline the proposal!
What made me so rude…so stubborn….
He was my best friend…my pal…my partner…
I am married now…but he isn’t…..!

He waited…at least till the last time I saw him…
I can still smell him…feel him…but…
Cannot find him……!
May be he is lost in the crowd…or went somewhere unknown…
Or may be…he’s dead….!!!

That day, that proposal…and us…
Not sure if I made a mistake…
But m sure I wasn’t God…was just another human…
Not sure if I would ever see him…
but m sure the smell of the cigar would linger…
Till m alive…..till I see him again….


3 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. The old shirt is ragged by time and agony,
    The smell of Virginia has faded
    No glasses, for now he is a visionary without visions,
    Winning being his habit; still envied by many

    Older is he than his years
    Sun tanned, shaggy haired
    Untamed and wild,
    With salt and pepper beard;

    The next time you cross Times Square
    Look not for what your heart says,
    Turn around on the smell of some inexpensive liquor,
    For a decade or two has crossed his share;

    May you find your all denied friend, who still looks the same
    Find him before his last pound of flesh has turned into a metal
    Find him before he forgets to smile
    Find him before he is indifferent in style;

    Find him before he looses himself
    Find him before he forgets you
    Before his forehead’s is still warm
    Doesn’t sweat being a metal for long

    Find him before he is lost forever,
    You can find him now; for even all denied, he looks the same..


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