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The Dying Hope…

The Dying Hope…


My body is shivering,

I am cold;

My legs are shaking,

Am scared;

It’s dark out here,

Will I die?


How will He be born,

If I am dead;

Will some God

Forgive my sins?

Will He still be born,

Without me living?


I can’t breathe,

There’s no air;

I can only hear sounds,

Is that His heart beating?

Am I been forgiven?

Will I survive?


Time is ticking,

I can hear the Gods;

He will be born any moment,

My sins might persist;

Still life will see a new Life;

A new day will exist!




Autobiography of a “Day”……

I am a day, just a Day. Not a good, unscrupulous, shitty or splendid one; am just another day. What demarcates me? A Calendar, the Sun or the individuals….or just some irrational adjectives? I commence at dawn, with the Sun wakening me by its earnest emissions. Sometimes, the Clouds wake me as well, when the Sun’s slightly lethargic. As I wake up, the humans express their eccentric reactions concerning me! Some say, “Today is so important for me”, some jinx me, some compliment me and some are so impersonal about me. No one ever solicits what I think of myself! Who am I? How am I doing? What’s my dialect?

They say, “Morning shows the day”. What does the day show in turn? Well, as I unfold, I share my virtues to everyone, my grandeur, my story and my expressions. I am sunny, I am calm, I am stormy and sometimes I am cold. When I cry, it rains, when am cold, it snows, when am quiet, a storm follows, when am happy, the sun shines. I am a joyful youth, a wise old woman, or a stubborn teen-ager or a passionate lover. I am your companion, your friend and I am your enemy. You remember me, disremember me, overlook me and sometimes cherish me. I am your birthday, your first anniversary, your first kiss or your bereavement. I am music, dance, flowers, rainbow and the sky. I am You.

Ever wondered what happens to the day after dusk? Does the day end, or perish or get vanished? The day, like you, gets tired, sleepy, exhausted. I seek home, a near one, a warm hug, a shoulder to lean and a smile to comfort. That’s when the night cuddles me in its arms and puts me to slumber. I sleep like a baby and dream of the nightfall, the stars tease me in my dreams and the moon safeguards me. I sleep until dawn, thinking, “Tomorrow I will be a better day”.



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