My friend at the Cafe!

I have a friend at the coffee shop. I don’t know her name but she knows mine. She also knows what coffee I usually order. Every morning, one of the motivations I have, to come to office, is my coffee and a small chat with my friend. We talk about everything, about the weather, the food, my evenings, her evenings, about flowers and life in general.

She is a beautiful young lady with a warm smile. She talks to everyone very nicely; everyone likes her I believe. She has very beautiful eyes. Just the other day, my hands were very cold and I was freezing in the Melbourne winter. When she met me for taking my order, she was feeling bad for me and said I should buy gloves. Later, when I was going out for lunch, she offered me to wear her gloves, in case I am too cold. I felt really gratified with her gesture.

We don’t know each other well, neither we spend so much time together, but the small gestures of love make my day warm. Such are the effects of ‘being human’.

Today when I went to grab my afternoon coffee, the café was quite empty. My friend came over and offered me a cookie from her own share. I gladly accepted. Then she said today is her last day in this café! I felt a gush of sadness crept inside me. I didn’t know what to say! I looked at her and she smiled and said, “You’ll make new friends”. She said she is travelling to Northern Australia and after she comes back, she would join some other café, somewhere else. She also shared her gratitude towards me and said how nice its been talking to me all these last five months in this café.

I finished my coffee and walked up to her to say the final good bye. She gave me a hug and said, take care. I started walking back to my work and didn’t turn back.

They say, “Goodbyes are never forever”. I wonder why I felt bad when she said she is leaving, why I never asked her, her name. This is life! We make friends and then bid them farewell and then make new friends again in the journey of life. Sometimes you suddenly don’t see that same face you see everyday and search for it, faces change, everyday. Sometimes you can’t even say good bye to everyone you love. That’s the truth.

Just be nice to everyone you meet, say hi and ask how are they doing. Life is too short to have grudges. I will miss my friend at the coffee shop tomorrow, but who knows, maybe I will see another warm face saying, “What coffee would you like”? 🙂




8 thoughts on “My friend at the Cafe!

  1. Wht a lovely blog..enjoyed reading each and every word of it..ur blogs r so real that m sure every person who reads them can relate it to them some or ther we all have met certain people in life who can’t b called as friends but still some how they r our friends we don’t know anything abt them but yet we love to chat up with them..they leave such an impression on us they leave but their face is always stuck in our memories..and whenever we think abt them we wonder how wud they b now n just wish them luck wherever they are…

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    1. So so nice! Each one of us has embraced this relationship some otherday ,the feeling so known to all yet when you write somewhere deep in heart it aches. You have sensed life so closely and write petty feelings with such passion.

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  2. Life is a journey.. Sound clichéd but its one of the truest clichéd around. When someone leaves there is always someone new around the corner. You might not get a replacement for the person gone, but the new one can bring in another adventure to your life. So toast to those who made your life richer and close the door on those who didn’t.
    Keep writing as you write really well.

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