Just wanted to say Thank You……

You have taught me to say things I would otherwise keep to my heart. You have taught me to acknowledge and say Thank You. You have taught me to see the vastness of the sky and feel so small compared to it. You have taught me to smile at people, to ignore their ignorance and to love their virtue.

I used to complain if the day was too hot, or too cold, or too humid. I used to complain about bad roads and traffic jams. Now I can smile at dawn and greet the day with my warmth and thankfulness that I am alive. Now I know that however rocky the road is, it’s the journey that matters and not the destination. Now I know that a traffic jam is a reason to spend some more time with you!

The simplicity in life is its greatest virtue. To be simple, to cherish the sky, the nature, the seasons, the strangers, the known-ones, to ignore the immodest, to smile like a child, to cry like an infant, to share like a mother, to forgive like a teacher, to guide like a father and to love like a lover…is life! It’s not about those painful moments, its more about the moments of joy and ecstasy. You taught me many things in life which I would not otherwise understand. There are things beyond me, there is a whole world looking up at me and expecting something. There is a reason I was born. The day I realise that reason and smile back at the world, I am complete. I am living. I am alive.


8 thoughts on “Gratitude….

  1. It’s amazing how words flow through your mind. The realisation of the self is the most important lesson in life and it’s not trivial.Blessed are those who have their consciousness awakened.
    Your writings really inspire the mind.. Keep it going ALWAYS


  2. Su.. Love it
    Its amazing how time passes so quick through good and bad times. The best thing is that it leaves behind some memories and memories are always the best times of our life. So probably the more we live in the moment and appreciate our blessings, the closer we get to happiness.
    You have expressed all of this in a well versed yet a simple post.
    Awesome… Just like you 🙂

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  3. Lovely write-up and well expressed.
    Expressing gratitude is said to be one of the most important factor to have a great life.

    Thank you dear for being a great friend. Best wishes with you, always!

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