A new journey begins…

I’ll be around…

When you feel lonely,IMG_9640

And need a friend to share,

When you are in your blues,

And wanna have a beer..

I’ll be around….

When the days are long,

And the nights are quick,

When work is more,

Six days a week..

I’ll be around….

When the rains are heavy,

And the sky is full of clouds,

When the house is all empty,

And you await a sound..

I’ll be around…

I’ll be around in the times dark & grey,

I’ll keep you in my prayers every time I pray,

I’ll hold you tight and not let you fall,

I’ll make you alright and let no one harm you at all..

Comments on: "I’ll be around…" (5)

  1. Great post!

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  2. Good one 🙂

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  3. I really do not have words… Want to speak with u… Just want u to b happy…

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  4. so so touhing partner! like straight from the heart …

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  5. Words flow from your mind just as the river from the glacier…it’s that natural

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