Relationship – Just a definition

What is a relationship? As per the English dictionary, it is the state of being connected. Two people or thing can connect, only when there is a conjoint harmony. Otherwise it is not a relationship, not a bond. Is it always Love that brings two people together or there are supplementary intentions coupled? May be lust, affection, kinship, charm, impetuousness, serendipity or just some sinful intent.

The way I see it, any relationship, is a frontier, a demarcation, a contour, a threshold, a restriction in this limitless vista. We split relationship into classifications and subsequently tag them. Some we call friends, some spouses and similar. We then apportion everyone their own precincts. Then do a role play. Its comical but factual. That’s how we humans delineate relationship.

If its just a state of being connected, then why so many clauses, restrictions, delineations? Why can’t we just breathe free and be gratified when there is unprejudiced love in that connection! Why does our heart always yearns beyond? We tag, we limit, we envisage and then we shatter. Be it the society or the soul, why are there so many frontiers in a relationship, which technically is just a state of being! Greek philosopher Aristotle said, ” A true friend is one soul in two bodies”. He also said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”. So, did he mean that true love and true friendship is just being one soul? Perplexing, however that’s philosophy!

Relationships should be fabricated with love and philanthropy, and not by demarcations. It should be free and vast like the sky and deep and soulful like the ocean. No precincts should ever delimit it. Its just a connection between two beings, not necessarily concerning two genders or even two mortals. A man and his pet can be best friends forever. To conclude, like Socrates says,” A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.” So, the state of being connected should only and only be catalysed by LOVE.



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