Belief – A Sacrifice

Belief – A Sacrifice


Human belief is a kind of martyr. Belief is always escorted by trepidation and flux. But we still believe in belief. The action of trusting someone is more overshadowing than the apprehension of being betrayed. It just takes us few words of love and few gestures of care, to trust someone. A faith, which more than reasoning, was just some “adrenaline gust, may be complemented with tequila and a fragile twinkling”.

Just to remark, that fragile moment was not love, it was just a hope that this might be something like the ignition of love. Hereafter relationship instigates. Days feel like summer and life appears too diminutive to envelop the euphoria. It takes few more moments to stab that exhilaration into expectation and later into regrets. We tend to forget that Perfection is not an attribute, its a state. No one is congenitally perfect!!

What follows are a series of sacrifices to accommodate that fragile and instinctively developed faith. The softer gender is generally more sacrificial. Like a disguised facet, sometimes belief walks up to us, enchants us and then leaves us in agony. Still we hope, that there is a silver lining somewhere. We live as long as there is hope and its hope that kills us someday. These feelings like trust, faith, and hope are synonymous but conjured.

Should we then assess someone before believing? Like Hemingway says “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” Well times are eccentric now, and feel we should assess ourselves, if not the person, whom we want to confine to. Humans have sacrificed for love since time anonymous. Have turned a slayer for love and got slew. Still the conviction we see in the eyes of the loved ones, make us visionless. Later we either pretend to be exultant or become bleak. Human creed is deceiving, its detrimental and seldom rewarding. Like Alexander Pushkin says, “Everything is a sacrifice to your memory.”

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