Love revisited….!

Sometimes, on a fine sunny day, you just bump up upon some person and your heart skips a beat or even stops for a second! No, you don’t die after that, but may be, you start living. There’s this huge melodramatic flashback happens in your mind which makes you feel, am I still breathing?


Of course this implies that the person you met had some heroic role in your life in the past or may have had some connection to your heart or might have even broken it! Are you happy to see him? Are you upset why you ever had to bump up upon him? Or, are you scared? 

I feel its like the first chill of winter, your first kiss, or may be even the first time you’ve had sex with a stranger!!! Its something like..umm..donno…! Let me not define a feeling, let a feeling be like a friend, someone/something without a definition!! 

So now what you should do…he/she is just so in front of your eyes. Do you not recognize him at all..or do you try to be normal..super (read as ‘ab’) normal!! You are hearing something, something known, Oh is that your heart ??? Well, yes it is. Even though it had almost stopped a second back, it is now almost bouncing inside your rib-cage with a volume as good as Bose’s speakers!! You can’t mute your heart, can you! That might be fatal. 

So you decide to greet this person with a smile, a normal one of course. You shake hands with him, say Hi and then you see your watch and yea you gotta leave, have some very urgent work which just can’t wait!!! He insists you to be there for some more time, but you just cant! You hurriedly leave after exchanging our numbers.

Your heart is still bouncing but now with a little lower bass. Your eyes are hazy, why would you ever feel these are tears. You are out and out cursing your own self for leaving him like this and yet something within you stopped you from spending some more time with this person. You don’t really know what to do…when your phone suddenly rings…call from an unknown that him? 🙂